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      Hey everyone! It's been a little while! Well, for those of you who have been following me as a person, this blog, Facebook and social media; Here I am returned anew. I'm back in school, enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia taking up for my degree in Communications and gaining the appliable knowledge for the lucrative fields that all has to offer, I'm an "A"-average student and I plan to advance my degree to eventually go into a privately-designed media business of my very own. One with some kind of incisional contribution that is not properly or currently being offered to and within our civil society. Just thought I'd check-in everyone, all of you are very much appreciated and I wish you all the best in personal endeavors! I released my social sci-fi 'An Era of Intrinsic Man' in August, here's the link, https://www.amazon.com/Era-Intrinsic-Man-Version-Platforms-ebook/dp/B01ITQ64JC/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1478026273&sr=1-1&keywords=An+Era+of+Intrinsic+Man you can get it at $2.99 for Kindle as well as any mobile device, it is a magnificent work and the first in an epic series.

Kindly, form the Nemesis Intellectual Communications outlet,

Mr. Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige,
Nemesis Intellectual Communications,
Author of 'An Era of Intrinsic Man'; a social sci-fi epic drama

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Nemesis Intellectual Alive©
A function of the organization that focuses on homeless and their undocumented legacy.


(Need not be homeless to express your progressive writing. Preference will be given to any genre of best and most crisply intrinsic contribution. As well as material from any homeless person organization or homeless-sponsor.) 

May 6th 2016
—Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige
Nemesis Intellectual Communications©

Monday, April 4, 2016

     Are You Homeless And Writing?

     Hi. This is Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige of the Nemesis Intellectual Communications Written and Humanity Expressions mini-site.

     This month's edition is focused on you if you happen to fit into the specific category that I will be addressing this issue. This topic is a brief that is to place emphasis on Homeless persons & Literary Writing; if you know persons or are in the homeless atmosphere yourself, THEN THIS ISSUE IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

     Are you even aware—of the magnificent and entertaining stories that the background of homelessness across the United States has to offer? So much is uncovered only after death, or by a perspectivising biographer (for example—a feature film whose contents may inclinationally force us the choice of distinction between which is the real drama and how much is the real truth); there is more though to the unbelievable and surprisingly contained within these Real lives. Storytelling can be compelling—I believe that. I know from personal experience that there is much daring fiction, as well, to be offered there. Speculative and many, many, other approaches and written voices that really refresh us a revived personality of what we are, of what these persons were also being, when we often used to see them being this as we passed them in society on our usual way through road-trips and innovative business ventures. Where were they, when 9/11, Trump first made his announcements, Bin Laden was killed, Genetically modified science broke through, Black Presidency Evolved, the internet sprang loose (Its' ideas were being formed...)?
     Now, These are different versions of the very same significant question. Would you think they (were, whomever they may be), ignorant, of how deep things were and going on around them? If so, then you grandiosely might be wrong. Or rather, were they persons constantly unspoken, for far too many and far too long-of-terms about their inner visions and views of what happened; haven't you ever heard them tell a tale yet!? I'd like to get them to writing more (and artistry, and all the culture of the arts). It's just the way things could be.

     For millennia the idea has always been like that. Legends of the things they've told, written in Shakespeare, all the way to Caesar's time, biblical, and before.

     These make some of the most extraordinary devices, especially when we consider historical tell-tale and expression contribution. Not only that...but the world can be funny or serious...or millions of other missing outlooks and speaks. You may not know that they can write or relate an efficient worthwhile history but they can, and if you conversate with them you just might find this out; and if you find this out--send them to us. I'll pay them for the work, from my pocket, post it on this site when it is good and continue providing resources and encouragement for more.

     Here I also raise money for a special division with Nemesis Intellectual which I would like to incorporate specially dedicated for this.

     If you are an individual and would like to contact me on a person's behalf (they have no mailing address in many cases), or would like to donate to help expand this project YOU also may use the address below!!!

     I am always working on this project and donations are really the driving factor to this project continually breathing life. If you happen to be in Philadelphia, live there, or will be—meet with me in person! flag me down with your interests, converse, contribute!

     We all, here in Philly would like to really see this happen! It is such a part of the real world. Please share my address with the person(s) you know, who may be capable and interested in this, you may also email me on their behalf.

     Donations are really appreciated and can also be sent via Paypal or money order to the address below. Every bit of it counts, every person is extraordinary!

     Lastly, Thank YOU all. This is been really good work.

  • Authorship rights remain with the original author, and Nemesis Intellectual will serve as validity that the work was no lesser than published on the date posted on the Nemesis Intellectual site. In turn, Nemesis Intellectual reserves the right to publish and/or re-publish the material at any time now or in the future shared with no other entities or parties except Nemesis Intellectual Communications itself and any of its' now or future subsidiaries, and the right to pay the original author(s) again presently, or at any time in the future at its own discretion. The work will thus be kept in a communible archive which we are effectively raising money for and will designate for public record. The work also may be automatically entered in any of our own various contests that may appear which also help to promote this (homeless writer's type of semi-genre) and this project.
  • 1500 words max. Any genre (but be extremely careful to utilize creative language that can make vulgarity really seem unnecessary as much as possible. *This is one of the many secrets to winning publish with us, However, and all profanity will not be dispelled; to also encourage a certain version of reality's sake. Even though it is not preferred). We will contact the individual/or through a trustworthy representative as soon as we possibly can. We Nemesis Intellectual Communications reserve certain and standard editing rights which may be used to clarify our best interpretation of views, correctness in print, and other more common related process to the core work.
  • Pays $5-20 for our terms and upon publish of the work(s). Any other payment is solely at our own discretion.
  • Byline for the author! and we reserve the right to publish select excerpts or chosen portions for show, explanatory, or promotional purposes under the general titles of the genre, or related, etc.
  • Representatives are welcome and most encouraged on behalf of anyone who is publishing with us though certainly not mandatory. We want Individuals, whose lives kind of "dwell" within their work, even if totally unrelated to their situation.
  • Send Typed MSS to: Nemesis Intellectual Communications, Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige, 315 South Broad Street, Unit#1213, Philadelphia PA 19107. I'll get that mail.     Email: Nemesisintellectual@gmail.com

*Clean and also legible handwritten material will ALSO be accepted, and if they meet this criteria, THEY WILL BE EQUALLY CONSIDERED.

Thanks for being with us, we will provide all the support, resources and encouragement we can to promote this venture!

Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige,
Nemesis Intellectual Communications—creator
and chief content officer.


Sunday, February 7, 2016



     Welcome again everybody. .  . in this issue we are going to take a close examination of what street art can be, and the depths of what it can inspire within an individual. Our featuring persona for this is going to be a young man whom I've had the opportunity to meet personally and who gives the Approach called Street Art compliment.
     Here's John when we asked him to give us just a little bit about his story:



Here's a brief background on my story for your blog. 

     As a child, I was often a loner, more content to dig in the dirt and design infrastructure than play sports or video games. I was convinced that treasure was hidden everywhere,  and I was going to find Atlantis buried in my back yard in suburban New Jersey. My mother designed fire protection systems, and she let me doodle on her old blueprints. I was sure I wanted to be an architect or engineer, but struggled with the higher-level mathematics pertinent to those fields. My father had his own photography business (and still does), lending me the tools and tips to express myself through phtography. A digital camera and a copy of Photoshop 7 opened my eyes to the world of digital art and photo manipulation. Inspired by tabloids like Weekly World News, with their unbelievably cheesy headlines (think "Space Alien Backs Hillary For President") and poorly-shopped 'photos', I taught myself the basics of manipulating digital images.
     By the time I graduated high school, I knew how to make postcard-worthy photographs of landmarks and natural scenery, but I also knew that a photograph rarely exists by itself as a piece of visual media.

[transatlanticism825.jpg] [lightsofliberty560.jpg] [dpticover560.jpg]
[nuclearplanets600.jpg] (are early photography and design works from a collage, John explains.)



To build a better foundation in visual art , I began studying Graphic Design at the University of the Arts in 2007,  which I found humbling, but also [as] intimidating as hell. I stood on the shoulders of giants like Hans Allemann and Inge Druckrey, and prayed that I might absorb 1% of their aesthetic. It was during my time in college that I discovered street art. I felt enraptured by the cryptic messages of the Toynbee tiles, Stikman's Words of Wisdom, and an arbitrary canon of street artists and installations I've documented under the name Signs and Wonders. While some people have complained that my street art photos are nothing more than ripoffs of true artists more ballsy than myself, I don't seek to take credit from them, but instead I extend their exposure far beyond the limits of their original pieces, and capture the sense of psychedelic wonder I get when I discover them, which I can extend to even the most grounded and sober of audiences.

[IMG_1736-1963 are selections from my Signs and Wonders collection]



     In 2012, I started Gallery 2445, a physical/virtual hybrid art gallery for exhibiting my S&W collection as well as physical pieces of art I managed to acquire, many from off the street (but only if they were in danger of being thrown away or destroyed.) My future is up in the air, but more people are beginning to take notice, and I have allies in groups like the Photographic Society, Freemasons,
and street art bloggers like Conrad Benner (Streets Dept). [and NemesisIntellectual.blogspot.com (a blog specifically focused on People, Writing, Art & the Cultural Arts of Timeless Humanity)].

[Remaining images are from the Gallery 2445 Salvaged Art Collection.]


John Baccile
Graphic Designer|Photographer|Solution to Your Problem

Main Site: www.johnbacille.com
Gallery2445: www.facebook.com/gallery2445

Thanks John for all your hard work and contributions, and visions to and within the field of Artistry & Street Art [self-initiated mechanics!] and for your amazing story.


Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige,
editor, and interviewer
Nemesis Intellectual Communications, Founder and Chief Officer
February 7th 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

May This Coming Year Become Spectacular Materialized

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


From Nemesis Intellectual Communications!!!

by NemesisIntellectual---Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige 


Many of you know us as the intellectually based website for everyone, from Great-great-grand parents to their Great-great grand-children; in this episode of that theme, I'd like to introduce a terrific new series of educational material for those of the enthusiast of planetary survival intelligence. The material has taken the form of a card game for all ages called 'Edge of Extinction' (fancy title, huh?). This is no ordinary game of cards to the player though, and I found it's concept very intriguing. It is a collectible trading card game focused on the preservation of what is left in the wild, in Pennsylvania, but generally associated with our planet in whole. From what I've been reading---It's great! 
     Edge of Extinction was created by the family of a good accomplice in my Brookville writer's group, along with he himself, Jason Strohm (and family)---staging a memorization and quiz approach to identifying species of our own wildlife, plants, cave structures, (etc.), and the necessities needed and importance of preserving them, an awareness that is both fun and educational. It stabilizes progressive thinking in our new and growing world of tech, age, and ever-evolving era. A conscientiousness that the family seems to share enthusiastically (you guys really gotta check this one out!). There are several in the series and seem to be updated regularly. It's loads of intellectual fun for the home.
     To express your interest, you can contact through the website twosistersinthewild.com and learn more about this extraordinary product and even a little about the working family who created it, with environmental interests and concerns, and the the ethic to keep things moving in terms of sharing and shaping awareness. Once you get to the webpage, simply click on the menu icon which will be to the far right of the title TWO SISTERS IN THE WILD, LLC. Then simply fill out the notification form and you're on your way, to a great experience, in natural family fun! Intellectualism at its' finest! Which is what we promote here at Nemesis Intellectual Communications---and in various forms. 
     I really like the look on this one. And from what I know about Jayson, he and his responsive family are heavily into this agenda about education, and how it can work with the modern world. Won't you please, join in...?

To view more on this at the site click here.

 This is the link to a great family and cultural game
This is the gameplay in action...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Arts2- Philadelphia's classic culture of Art and the Arts:

Welcome Back!!! The wonderful journey through Philadelphia and The Arts continues in this episode. There is much to see here and I've added a variety of magnificent pieces to the series, sure to satisfy the Intetests, and add the certain depth to the scene with this one. Refer back to episode-1 for great introductories. This one here will move at a slightly faster pace, and The topic will be Sculpture and Wares. I've also remained two paintings, including one still-life—for color.

Here we go. Enjoy.

BORN 1838, DIED 1894
Le Vernissage (The Opening), c. 1892
Glazed earthenware
Made by the firm of Joseph-Theodore Deck, Paris, 1856-1904, Designed by Cheret.
*A gift of Priscilla T. Grace in memory of Ana d'Harnoncourt.)

     This glazed piece of earthenware was unique to me, not only because of its' cast style, but the obstacle that my own eyes could not elude, and that was its swimming-bluish turquoise interior, in contrast to its' pale white outterlay. For a simple water-bowl (if this might have been its' intended use), the color-scheme works out magnificent. Small cherubim presumably, and plant vegetation, are what adorn the exterior lips' cicumference—and its legs fold underneath like leafy springs—stabilizing, balancing the heavy round object (perhaps 50 or 60 pounds easily, seemingly as solid as cast-iron to the eye, when viewed in person. This French original from around 1892 showed no sign of timewear nor evitability. The small naked children seem to be jumping from its mouth).

BORN 1836, DIED, 1904

     For those who are not as familiar with the concept of congruent art adjacent realism, here is just such a piece to most likely first capture the eye of interest, with its' dramatic scene of wild chrysanthemums of various color and breed. The flowers just fall all over the face of the canvas, at the viewer, shadowed perfectly according to the approach. Leafy and green between each and the stems are marvelous. This piece really, truly is, fighting its way to escape the canvas—the phantom zone, by the artist to his work.


INKWELL, c.1915-33

     This fine piece I found in mint condition—(including its' lid)! The interior is extremely unmarked, as the quill and like-fashionedink-drawn pens of the closing era may have inflicted. It seems to have been designed to hold about two-ounces of ink at a session; and has much more beautiful body work to show-off as an illusion. For those who know me as a proficient literary writer, this piece would be irreplaceable in my collection from its' era. 
     Its' origins are in Holland, and the exterior patterns compliment this. This is just truly a sparkling piece! The inspiration for writing just may have been phenomenal. If any work got done at all. This piece, was flawless I tell you.

*A gift of Martina Schapp Yamin.

BORN 1834, DIED 1917
Little Dancer, aged Fourteen:
Executed in wax 1878-81; cast inbronze after 1922
Bronze cast, tulle, and silk by the foundry Adrien Hebrard, PARIS.
  There are only twenty-five surviving of these novelties of Edgar Degas' passion with the young ballet and ballerina, and one of them—exactly two are held in Pennsylvania—one in Pittsburgh, and the other, here, at the Philadelphia museum. I found this one a beautiful and serene piece and full of classical pose. These pieces are very famous. Here's what the Museum's inscription read, about the fact:

     "Degas depicted young ballet dancers—in performances, at rehearsals, or at moments of exhausted rest—in numerous paintings, drawings, pastels, and monotypes. In 1878, he added to his investigation of theme. A young dancer named Marie van Goethem posed for what would be the only sculpture Degas exhibited during his brief lifetime. Originally executed in wax, and shown in 1881, the work daringly incorporated real elements such as the dancer's tulle tutu and silk hair ribbon. The sculpture was cast in bronze around 1922, several years after Degas's death."

     I have deep admiration for Degas's art, and this is one of exceptional expression of a persons' inner visions and appreciations being displayed in a self content. For all others to reason and try.

(*The donor to the Museum will be later posted on this one.)

BORN 1827, DIED 1875

     From the museum's inscription I was informed that Princess Mathilde was one of the most lively figures of Paris's cultural and social scenes. That, with a haughty gaze, she evokes the grand manner of French aristocratic portraiture here, and of our previous centuries. To say—The dignity of crown is a significant and weightful device. Princess Mathilde was also a favorite cousin and close friend of the French emperor Napoleon III. This sculpted piece showcases more of her as an individual, and enveloped in strong garments with authoritative and wisdomized cheek and posture. Truly, she seems here beautiful and educated.

*Purchased with the Fiske Kimball Fund and funds contributed by the Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

BORN 1756, DIED 1833

     I took a picture with this piece, because it is truly glorious. This Water-Nymph allegory has stunning feature, and command over the beholder whom should happen to encounter. What is its secret?—why such a striking command to the imagination? The answer is simple. Water-nymphs are beings of extraordinary fictional intrigue, from the likes of Homer, and Ovid, to all those who've been graced by their sandals. After all, who wouldn't want to encounter a being existed soley for the pleasure of sex, solely for the beauty of eye—solely for the stimulative imagination.
     The original version was carved in wood for a fountain that stood in front of Philadelphia's first waterworks at Centre Square, the place where City Hall now stands. Water spewed from the beak of the bittern, bird that frequented the banks of the Schuylkill River. Concerned about deterioration of the wooden original, which had been moved in 1829 to the new waterworks at Fairmount (later the site of the Philadelphia Museum of Art), the city ordered this bronze cast made in 1872.

*It was received on loan from the Commission of Fairmount Park.

BORN 1881, DIED 1973

     What Pablo Picasso wanted to do is what he became famous for—interrupting the standardized art world in order to inject the possibilities of greater depiction through personalized unmanipulated sight. In this piece, if Three Musicians, this concept is exemplified. One can clearly associate art, with its musical bretheren, see the style of conversation mpaeison to and through original though-linkage, and give the message regularity, rather easily,on the first try. The jazz sunglasses, the funny-colored lively suits. All the way down to the stance—and the supposedly pose for the picture. Picasso was instrumental in proving that other dipictions—ways that are currently being seen—are available for art, and are being also utilized by our common minds. Therefore, I substantially favor the ethics of this artist. The work is not bad either---now understanding it.

*This piece was given from the A. E. Gallantin Collection.

AMERICAN of  NIGERIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN, and Complimentory Decents.
BORN 1976—
Photography with the Writer and Visual Artist.  


   And here's me, in a tablet photography shot, with the famed statue of our Philadelphia great Rocky Balboa!—nearby the great stair entrance, to the famed museum (which politely adorns the background...). I couldn't resist. Not only am I such a big fan of Rocky, but because the crafted story of 'like' his, is a work of art. Nowhere has emotion run so deep, as to move entire persons and entire nations, and cross-color lines, and previous ethics in a 1980's set organizational is. And hope-weighing unspoken faithhoods (like his uncanny relationship to his genuine best-friend Apollo Creed)—for instance. Rocky, a man who revived a train of thought to a nation so as it would not lose grasp with its' own evolutionary forefronts that precedated it above all others. And then to the world: "Never give-up, when out to accomplish what it is that you have set out to do; the meaning which is greater than even you; absolutely—until you have accomplished!" (My own words of interpretation, non-verbatim).
     So, you see, I had to pose with this piece. To interpret and break barriers of my own. I was surprised, now that I'm grown-up, the statue has been moved to a new location (from the stairs-top, I believe). To see it again: THIS THING IS MONSTROUSLY HUGE! The crafter of the statue is—

So, that will wrap us up for this session, I invite you to do private verification studies on each of the individuals, and their work, for extra information, culture, and solidity in approach to casual coffeehouse conversation. Or for more information on the history of this famed and remarkable depiction of man in finest hours, drop comments in the comments-box below, (don't forget your email!), and share the site with your friends of like-conversation and honing tastes!!!
     Join us next episode when the theme will be the great American portraitist Charles Wilson Peale, master of the earliest persona and Presidents. "The 'Revolutionary' Man." You'll see astounding detail in this one. By the replicator of  the early images that helped shape our Founding nation. Remarkable significance and talent skill. Be sure to catch it. This one is not to be missed.


Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige
November 1st 2015
Nemesisi Intellectual Communications