Wednesday, December 10, 2014

By Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige

When dealing with the prolific topic of Imagination, many things can zip us into the world of  the unknown, a counterintuitive to the prospect itself. The same can be said of the process of trying to create. Or the activity which causes us creativity in itself, as writers, socialites, artists (in various degrees), and in any form of mental exercise or relaxation that occupies our daily leisures. Conversational is even another tone. Chiarascuro of the mind, intelligence of who we are, masters without flaw, of our own individual worlds. Childhood assistance, but somehow We ourselves created.

Creation is key to human strive. For those who believe in an ultimate creator, many of them have encompassed the necessity of boundaryism, which generates the tolerable guidelines that from infinities afore (in hypotheticalism), have kept mankind from overkill of this generous unrestrainable nutrient substance, that has nutured us into visions which will never stop with the compilation of others.

One of the things that especially though, attracts me to the conceptual focus division of mankindism, is that we can live amongst the billions of active other worlds of minds, adapting and at plentiful times, seeming to already appreciate the hard raw effort, that has gone into each making. Each persona, customized. Each welfare and adaptization, that the occupant (if you will), has encountered and evolved into newwer and more extreme sophistications than previously known to another 'given'. That we previously thought-by-management, that we ever could have fully and entirely recognized. To our own means, and for such a substance to generate even more appreciation for many has been fantastic! In an era where we (especially here in America), are severely challenging all hopes of such nemesis, as stereotism, and the following tracts of prejudgement idealization. Spiralling us into an entity of a more cooperative aspect of individualisation, more breathable, creating paths, of neverendings and unclosed progressive doors.

Of course, and along the guidelines of the elimination of self-destruction, in our expansion and vast drink. Legacies involved for all history, and future, to benefit us unstagnated in the responsibility. Unbiased to exactly where each others' thinkings precisely fits in. We did this with our minds! Recognizing that it all has place. We saw Forward.

-Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige
December 10th 2014