Thursday, May 21, 2015

Creative Writing to Secure Maximum Potential From Constant Idealism and Self-specified Demands for the Intellectualist!!! (Series on literary writing techniques Vol. 1, No. 1)

Literary Primary focus: on Integral Roles of structure and co-minglance of body content, for select and favored portions of creative texts and retention of ideas for further cultivation in writing. 
("Avenues of the tiers.")

     I am a writer who savors several favored text portions in each of my creative works. ALL THE TIME. What often seems merely grand possibility may often flash by as and  be as uncomprehensible as say, the apparition that dark lightning might be to the modern discoverer of intrigued concepts ("We know it exists")! Quite quickly ideas escape and elude us in flashes going into entire cities of other avenues, galaxies --exactly while engaged in writing the significant portions that we also love most in other of our own texts. So how does a person retain and capture these? Before the multi-voluntary moment has passed into the so-called blackhole of merely scattered returns, it matures into a point of frustrating disappointment, conquering the work...

     The more this phenomenon takes into other directions where lies the immediate focus, the more struggling our "pen-or-pecking" despairs to retrieve the dangling and sometimes flying-away idea that considerably makes up our human make-up as well as that of our story or writing in progress. I've found this to be an awkward time, to say the least, for the writer. Quick-noting, jotting--may prove interruptive though helpful, distractive though salvagatory. If the correct mind is not in play (never throw away your working tools. Manage and re-manage until the organization about it approaches perfection!) -because the possibility is the loss of pertinancy of direction which were your primary focuses in the writing, this also creates the fear of disarray. But all of this can be captured effectively by merely training the capacity distribution through niches of our own personalized brain and dedication.

     Everyone has this so-called capacity or we would simply have deceased to exist having any type of ideas, altogether. The same is equivalent in both reading and writing. One method of training is dead-navigating while fluent in write. Leading by tiny details and implicatories towards the avenues achieved by practicing the craft-itself and while during the composition itself, before the editing process. Integrated with the fast mind. Notes may often prove worthy notes, similar to the research of the self-being. Most worthy!

     Especially when falling in love with the "editing process," of overview. The best writers also love the editing process, while writing. Key ingredients were "preparated" (so to speak), others, that you never suspected, were capable of solid re-materialization, yet those you knew were already solidly there existing. Key word: MATERIALIZATION. Is a fanciful way of calling this anti-negation. It lets one create activity in future continuance while developing and strengthening photographic idealism that can be recalled at will, and then called again: expression. It can be managed, and while also deeply into forefront navigation. That is, the techniques that you yourself are continually creating: for others subsequently to appreciate and intrigue through other forms of interpretation: Storyline, byhaps, and for intricating the plot, or even journalism! It never seemed so possible! Harvesting the Gamma-Rays of our own dark lightnings within our sustainable writings, capability in unfailed idea management. These are the beings that we are however the turn out. I am a journalistic and fiction writer that wishes you well.
     Best of luck in the writing...

May 21, 2015