Saturday, September 19, 2015

Components of Writer's Blockage (series on literary writing, Vol. 1, No. 3)

Starting with Redefining the term.

    The term Writer's block can be misleading if you've ever heard me mention this before. The term, as it is stated goes beyond difficulty in accumulating executable ideas; it subliminally implies periods of total impossibility to tran-on-forth, with where you need to go, about the work.

     This comes from the way we perceive the term block, and how it is so trendish to the ear that it slips into the mouth and mind anytime our period of peak-fluency begins decline; and full-fledged sometimes, simply because we have finished a thought.

     One of the ways to eradicate this thinking is to literarily disbelieve in the terminology for what it was (in slang), this opens doors to find other written ways around this seemingly bolted one. It allows a particular cycle of appointment to occur (among the other things) and the fulfilling of a diameter until a pinpoint of the radius going inward is reached. Using a hypnotizing shrinking-circle approach, by spiraling into the work to meet its core--the organized idea you did not know, or would not otherwise configure. Then you can begin approaches to your fluency all over.--Bet you'd have a lot to say.

    So the new term should therefore be re-termed blockage (or to that effect), Because in this way it ill-eliminates the possibility of recapturable system: established in more modern times. And is unique to the individual, who will leave traces of further progression, because of this process. Thus continually enriching the field, our total overall subliminal goal--It Shines


--Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige
Nemesis Intellectual Communications
September 19th, 2015.