Wednesday, December 23, 2015


From Nemesis Intellectual Communications!!!

by NemesisIntellectual---Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige 


Many of you know us as the intellectually based website for everyone, from Great-great-grand parents to their Great-great grand-children; in this episode of that theme, I'd like to introduce a terrific new series of educational material for those of the enthusiast of planetary survival intelligence. The material has taken the form of a card game for all ages called 'Edge of Extinction' (fancy title, huh?). This is no ordinary game of cards to the player though, and I found it's concept very intriguing. It is a collectible trading card game focused on the preservation of what is left in the wild, in Pennsylvania, but generally associated with our planet in whole. From what I've been reading---It's great! 
     Edge of Extinction was created by the family of a good accomplice in my Brookville writer's group, along with he himself, Jason Strohm (and family)---staging a memorization and quiz approach to identifying species of our own wildlife, plants, cave structures, (etc.), and the necessities needed and importance of preserving them, an awareness that is both fun and educational. It stabilizes progressive thinking in our new and growing world of tech, age, and ever-evolving era. A conscientiousness that the family seems to share enthusiastically (you guys really gotta check this one out!). There are several in the series and seem to be updated regularly. It's loads of intellectual fun for the home.
     To express your interest, you can contact through the website and learn more about this extraordinary product and even a little about the working family who created it, with environmental interests and concerns, and the the ethic to keep things moving in terms of sharing and shaping awareness. Once you get to the webpage, simply click on the menu icon which will be to the far right of the title TWO SISTERS IN THE WILD, LLC. Then simply fill out the notification form and you're on your way, to a great experience, in natural family fun! Intellectualism at its' finest! Which is what we promote here at Nemesis Intellectual Communications---and in various forms. 
     I really like the look on this one. And from what I know about Jayson, he and his responsive family are heavily into this agenda about education, and how it can work with the modern world. Won't you please, join in...?

To view more on this at the site click here.

 This is the link to a great family and cultural game
This is the gameplay in action...