Monday, April 4, 2016

     Are You Homeless And Writing?

     Hi. This is Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige of the Nemesis Intellectual Communications Written and Humanity Expressions mini-site.

     This month's edition is focused on you if you happen to fit into the specific category that I will be addressing this issue. This topic is a brief that is to place emphasis on Homeless persons & Literary Writing; if you know persons or are in the homeless atmosphere yourself, THEN THIS ISSUE IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

     Are you even aware—of the magnificent and entertaining stories that the background of homelessness across the United States has to offer? So much is uncovered only after death, or by a perspectivising biographer (for example—a feature film whose contents may inclinationally force us the choice of distinction between which is the real drama and how much is the real truth); there is more though to the unbelievable and surprisingly contained within these Real lives. Storytelling can be compelling—I believe that. I know from personal experience that there is much daring fiction, as well, to be offered there. Speculative and many, many, other approaches and written voices that really refresh us a revived personality of what we are, of what these persons were also being, when we often used to see them being this as we passed them in society on our usual way through road-trips and innovative business ventures. Where were they, when 9/11, Trump first made his announcements, Bin Laden was killed, Genetically modified science broke through, Black Presidency Evolved, the internet sprang loose (Its' ideas were being formed...)?
     Now, These are different versions of the very same significant question. Would you think they (were, whomever they may be), ignorant, of how deep things were and going on around them? If so, then you grandiosely might be wrong. Or rather, were they persons constantly unspoken, for far too many and far too long-of-terms about their inner visions and views of what happened; haven't you ever heard them tell a tale yet!? I'd like to get them to writing more (and artistry, and all the culture of the arts). It's just the way things could be.

     For millennia the idea has always been like that. Legends of the things they've told, written in Shakespeare, all the way to Caesar's time, biblical, and before.

     These make some of the most extraordinary devices, especially when we consider historical tell-tale and expression contribution. Not only that...but the world can be funny or serious...or millions of other missing outlooks and speaks. You may not know that they can write or relate an efficient worthwhile history but they can, and if you conversate with them you just might find this out; and if you find this out--send them to us. I'll pay them for the work, from my pocket, post it on this site when it is good and continue providing resources and encouragement for more.

     Here I also raise money for a special division with Nemesis Intellectual which I would like to incorporate specially dedicated for this.

     If you are an individual and would like to contact me on a person's behalf (they have no mailing address in many cases), or would like to donate to help expand this project YOU also may use the address below!!!

     I am always working on this project and donations are really the driving factor to this project continually breathing life. If you happen to be in Philadelphia, live there, or will be—meet with me in person! flag me down with your interests, converse, contribute!

     We all, here in Philly would like to really see this happen! It is such a part of the real world. Please share my address with the person(s) you know, who may be capable and interested in this, you may also email me on their behalf.

     Donations are really appreciated and can also be sent via Paypal or money order to the address below. Every bit of it counts, every person is extraordinary!

     Lastly, Thank YOU all. This is been really good work.

  • Authorship rights remain with the original author, and Nemesis Intellectual will serve as validity that the work was no lesser than published on the date posted on the Nemesis Intellectual site. In turn, Nemesis Intellectual reserves the right to publish and/or re-publish the material at any time now or in the future shared with no other entities or parties except Nemesis Intellectual Communications itself and any of its' now or future subsidiaries, and the right to pay the original author(s) again presently, or at any time in the future at its own discretion. The work will thus be kept in a communible archive which we are effectively raising money for and will designate for public record. The work also may be automatically entered in any of our own various contests that may appear which also help to promote this (homeless writer's type of semi-genre) and this project.
  • 1500 words max. Any genre (but be extremely careful to utilize creative language that can make vulgarity really seem unnecessary as much as possible. *This is one of the many secrets to winning publish with us, However, and all profanity will not be dispelled; to also encourage a certain version of reality's sake. Even though it is not preferred). We will contact the individual/or through a trustworthy representative as soon as we possibly can. We Nemesis Intellectual Communications reserve certain and standard editing rights which may be used to clarify our best interpretation of views, correctness in print, and other more common related process to the core work.
  • Pays $5-20 for our terms and upon publish of the work(s). Any other payment is solely at our own discretion.
  • Byline for the author! and we reserve the right to publish select excerpts or chosen portions for show, explanatory, or promotional purposes under the general titles of the genre, or related, etc.
  • Representatives are welcome and most encouraged on behalf of anyone who is publishing with us though certainly not mandatory. We want Individuals, whose lives kind of "dwell" within their work, even if totally unrelated to their situation.
  • Send Typed MSS to: Nemesis Intellectual Communications, Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige, 315 South Broad Street, Unit#1213, Philadelphia PA 19107. I'll get that mail.     Email:

*Clean and also legible handwritten material will ALSO be accepted, and if they meet this criteria, THEY WILL BE EQUALLY CONSIDERED.

Thanks for being with us, we will provide all the support, resources and encouragement we can to promote this venture!

Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige,
Nemesis Intellectual Communications—creator
and chief content officer.