Monday, June 22, 2015

On Electronic and the morals of Historicalized Publishing.


          "We will proceed in a scattered beginning."
          --Adetokunbo Oluwafemi Ige

My objective here is to promote the satisfaction of e-publishing, while explaining the structuralization of previous publication executions, and techniques.

     The electronic books are now here as a major part of traditional publishing. Writers are flocking to the independency of the field in newwer ways full throttle with exuberant eccentricity and inquizotry --on how to best approach, and how to compliment the past legacy. The advantages the e-industry promised are fulfilled, the pace-prediction of growth is being formidably overshadowed by the expansive understanding that we deal with when and while delving what the true opening of world-mind can do. We analyze, we develop, we adopt.

     This is technology's true nature when we realize how it is really our general (and organized) mind as one whole of individualities, materialising tangibilities. What greater respect than approaching the way it has touched us through the Arts as our culture, and specialized writing for mass or privacy? We these our intellectual properties. We constantly call for more.

     We had analyzed some critical problems facing both individual publishers and the industry as a whole. We drew fundamental understanding of principles and best practices, to focus on writing and the publication structure to close in on a specific, information processing and publishing framework. We introduced the Open eBook Forum Publication Structure (a widely used XML-based content format), and presented it as a foundation for high-performance electronic publishing. And this message is about how and why we create a history when intentional.

June 22, 2015