Thursday, August 20, 2015



    You know, a lot of people see the site and review the writings with such highly and intentive regards that one thing often escapes the evaluations involved within the scenario--and that is the fact that the way that I live such a writer's life on the move that i am indeed considered homeless, among my technique, style and approach. Only few who are close to me know this about me but right here I share it publicly, in private site disclosure, to the world!
     I go about a homeless methodology and approach, to cover the world on an intimate level with myself between two bodies of thought. I've always been this way, preparing for the new mellenia, absorbing and redistributing the informations and contritions that habituate the land-line approach, and that I therefore encounter. That happens to make mankind compelling because he is earned, traced and tracked.
     Fiction or nonfiction. Video or written literary: The components are all the experienced haptitude molecules around us! Never to be outdone by our own performance. I am known for preserving and attacking this route; stabilizing and injecting thought-provocative pieces that intrigue the mind--cultivate and enhance the field and field mechanics. Wherever we go in life, Take us for who we Are!